why it’s good to reserve some money for fun

If you’re committed to attaining financial freedom, I’m sure you’re working hard and smart to get there. You’re setting a monthly budget, you’re attacking your debt as soon as you get your paycheck, you’re building your emergency fund and you’re making some short-term sacrifices and living like no one else. 

This is all good. You need to be gazelle intense to become debt free and become an everyday millionaire. But you also need to make a little room for fun as you move forward in this journey. Of course, you don’t have to go overboard, but you can definitely put some fun money in your budget. You can set aside some amount to buy whatever you want, whether it be books, coffee, candles, merchandise, things that you really want (even if they’re not necessities).

Fun money reminds you that setting a budget isn’t all about putting restrictions. Instead, it’s about conscious and planned spending. You can basically set your own limits based on your individual needs and preferences. This is far from restricting, in fact, it’s empowering. As Rachel Cruze points out, “A budget doesn’t limit your freedom. It gives you freedom.”

Budgeting and working towards hitting your financial goals is not an easy and straightforward path. And that’s why fun money can be really beneficial. When you give little treats to yourself, you keep your essential disciplines intact and become less likely to fall off the money wagon. It’s like having that one mighty all-you-want meal during the week, or taking one day off from running. That one day or instance of breaking away from your routine provides both space and relief. This not only protects your enthusiasm but also makes all the challenging work seem more doable. 

Here’s the bottom line: Giving yourself a little wiggle room as you work tirelessly to reach your money goals can be an absolute game-changer. Those tiny rewards are important; they help you stay motivated and bring certain realness, comfort and balance in your life.