why you must think like a craftsman

why you must think like a craftsman

This essay is an excerpt from my book The Way of The Karma Yogi.

It’s best to adopt a craftsman mindset that primarily focuses on the value that we can offer to the world through our work. We become proactive about developing valuable skills instead of daydreaming about our ideal job where we will be able to develop skills in the future. In a conversation with The Minimalists, Cal Newport points out: “True passion arises after you’ve put in the long hours to really become a craftsman in your field and can then leverage this value to really have an impact, to gain autonomy and respect, to control your occupational destiny.” 

It’s vital that we understand that the most important thing in the end is making a contribution and through our work we are making a difference in the world even if our job is widely perceived as a menial one. It’s not about what we do, but how we do it that matters the most. We need to perceive whatever work we are doing as a craft, not a job. 

You need to pour your creativity and uniqueness in your work whether you are a chef, a housekeeping staff, an accountant or a programmer. When we are able to ignite passion in ourselves and give our heart and soul to the job that we do, we add significant value and meaning to our work. As Newport says, “… your work is craft, and if you hone your ability and apply it with respect and care, then like the skilled wheelwright you can generate meaning in the daily efforts of your professional life.”