did will smith act like a real man at the oscars? (part 2)

did will smith act like a real man at the oscars? (part 2)
Photo by Maryna Kazmirova / Unsplash

What we can learn from this incident is that there’s no one in this whole wide world, who doesn’t face the threat of losing their calm in an instant and doing something stupid, such as resorting to violence to get back at the other person. No one is immune — it can happen to me, it can happen to you. And that’s why, we must train ourselves consistently to maintain a strong grip on our emotions.

The sad part is that a certain subset of Will’s fans who look up to him, especially the youth, if not properly guided could easily get wrongly influenced by this incident; they might take up an act of violence as a route in similar situations and consider it acceptable, manly behavior. But this would never serve them well, and even lead them to undesirable and dangerous consequences. 

Violence is a dangerous act for everyone involved. And so, we must be careful and vigilant at all times, no matter how wise and calm we think of ourselves to be. When emotions are stirred, and if we don’t have the necessary wisdom and tools to curb them, anything can happen! 

The bottom line is that if it happened to Will, it can happen to anyone. So be careful, and do your best to show up as the best version of yourself every day. 

Will is an amazing person — a beautiful human and an inspiring public figure. These are tough times, but I’m sure he’ll bounce back and emerge as a more loving and giving man because of this. Please don’t dismiss him yet, we need more people like Will to make this planet a beautiful haven for all.

Chris has my immense respect and admiration for the way he has handled this incident so far! He was doing his job and even though he encountered a huge bump on the road, he still kept going. A great example of calmness and resilience, Chris is someone we can all look up to when things go drastically out of hand. In spite of all the eyes staring at him during such an embarrassing incident, he went straight to the script and kept the event going. Let’s acknowledge that this is not easy and can be only done by a man of true integrity and power. In addition to this, Chris never pressed any charges against him or talked ill of him in public (at least not up until the time of this writing). He kept his emotions private and did his best to not worsen an already bad situation. Kudos to him!