winning in business by overcoming fear

In order to succeed in business, it’s important that entrepreneurs realize that what they think they need and what they truly need to get better outcomes are two separate entities. 

A majority of entrepreneurs today think that they need answers to their burning questions, they need step-by-step plans, and all the necessary tangible tools to achieve the success that they desire. But in reality, they don’t need all these things.

Christy Wright, author, speaker and founder of Business Boutique, explains, “What people actually need is a lot of encouragement, a lot of inspiration, a lot of belief in them that they can do it, because what holds people back in business more than a lack of answers or tools or information is just fear. It’s putting yourself out there in the marketplace, it’s the risk, it’s the unknown, it’s the ‘What if they reject me?’, ‘What if they don’t like me?’, ‘What if no one shows up?’, ‘What if I fail?’ That’s what holds people back. Not the tools and the answers.”

There’s no lack of information in today’s world. We all have infinite sources available at our fingertips. If we could all succeed just by the information alone, we all would have six-pack abs and would be billionaires by now. But it doesn’t work that way. Information by itself is of no use. We have to develop self-belief first and muster the courage to apply our learnings, experiment and fail until we get things right and achieve success. 

Wright goes on to say, “People don’t need more information. They need inspiration. They need to believe [in themselves] and have buy-in to their dream.”

Information is omnipresent and it will always be there. What entrepreneurs must do first is battle their own fear. This is what will help them win big in business and in life.