words can be forgiven but not forgotten

The words that come from our mouths are more powerful than we think they are. In good times or bad, we need to pay attention towards the words that we speak.

Sometimes, choosing silence is the best route. Our spoken harsh words may haunt ourselves and others later on. And we may feel regret over them.  

We can commit to speaking only when it is needed, and refrain from speaking negative and nasty things that may hurt others’ feelings.

We are not perfect beings but we can always work towards minimizing our errors. When we feel negativity we can direct it towards a sheet of paper or on an inanimate object instead of lashing out at the other person.

We need to become emotionally intelligent and practice silence as a virtue. Sometimes, words unspoken can help us sustain our relationships.

That silence doesn’t mean that we don’t need to raise our voice if we are mistreated or misunderstood; we need to communicate in words that don’t hurt others but still drive our point home.

We need to develop the skill of using a better vocabulary — more appropriate but harmless words — to communicate. Upon our repetitive assertion, if things don’t change, then instead of settling for drama and anger as a way to communicate, we can choose to walk on the path of silence.

We can’t change and control people, but we can always control our tongue. Instead of saying something foolish and repenting it later on, it’s best to remain quiet.

Our words can be forgiven, but never be forgotten by others. Speak with diligence and things might just get a whole lot easier.