work while you work, play while you play

We all have limited time, and we live in an age where attention is the currency that drives global commerce. So, it makes sense to focus on learning how to improve our focus and maximize our productivity. There are numerous resources out there that can help us focus on doing deep work, avoid interruptions and become more productive. But to keep things simple, I would like to share with you a short and sweet poem that contains some excellent advice which when implemented will skyrocket your productivity and your output.  Here’s how it goes:

Work while you work
Play while you play.
One thing each time,
That is the way.
All that you do,
Do with your might.
Things done by halves
Are not done right.

In modern times, where multitasking is considered an important “skill”, these words help bring into light the truth that the secret to productivity is simply doing one thing at a time. 

Jim Rohn shared this nugget of wisdom in one of his speeches as well. He said:

“Many years ago, I used to say, ‘I’ve got to get my family to the beach. I’ve been promising to take them to the beach. What are they going to think if I don’t take them?’ Guess where I was while thinking about the beach–at the office.

I finally get my family to the beach, but at the beach I’m saying, ‘I should be at the office. Here I am at the beach when I have so much to do. I should cut all this short and get to the office.’ I’ve messed up my beach time with the family by thinking about the office.

So I learned this lesson: make a playday a playday and workday a workday. Don’t mix the two… Don’t play at work, and don’t work at play. It’s a great rule to follow to ensure that your time is used more effectively.“