working with the laws of the universe

working with the laws of the universe

“Do you think if you ignored gravity, it would stop working? No, of course not. Gravity isn’t dependent on your belief. And neither are the other laws. You can ignore these Laws of the Universe, but they’re still working. When you learn and apply the Laws of the Universe effectively – everything in your life will change. Things start to flow and ease sets in. You’ll realize that when you understand, apply and get in harmony with the laws you don’t have to work as hard. The best part? While applying other things can give you temporary change – working with the Laws provides permanent results.”

— Bob Proctor

When things are not going as you want them to and you’re not seeing growth and progress in your life, it’s an indicator that you’re not living and acting in accordance with the laws of the Universe.

The universal laws are flawless; they never fail anyone, which means they will never fail you. You can absolutely depend on these laws for your life! And so, the only way to move forward and achieve new heights of success and abundance is to assess your strategies and start using these laws in the correct manner.

Believe and have faith in the grand design of the Universe. If your personally crafted plans are not bringing you what you desire, it’s time to change your approach. The laws of the Universe are infallible and work every single time, and so when you act in perfect harmony with them, you will see forward progress and you will start getting the results that you have always wanted.