yes, you can be both rich and good

yes, you can be both rich and good
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A few days back, I was asked the following question by a student on Skillshare:

Hello Parth, this class is helping me to reconsider some of the ideas I was taught as a child. I was taught that all rich people are bad, that they got that way by abusing the environment and/or other people. Maybe that's not true after all :-)

Maybe the ones that do harmful things also have a scarcity mindset - which leads them to never be satisfied and try to get more at any cost.

I don't want to be that kind of person -- maybe I don't have to be to have abundance.

What do you think?  I can have abundance and be a good person, too?

Here’s my response to the question:

Yes, absolutely. The world needs more people who are both rich and generous, those who not only have abundance in every sphere of their lives but also want to contribute to the common good whenever possible. You can definitely be both!

I encourage you to read the following essay on my website. It'll help you gain some clarity.

Good luck! :)

If you’re someone who’s having the same thoughts and find yourself in a state of confusion when it comes to attracting wealth and abundance, hope this helps.

For further learning, please check out my short-form course "Abundance Mindset" from the Mastery Mini series: