you are a gift

Unfortunately for some of us, our parents never communicated to us the notion that we were gifts to them and this world as we grew up. The specific reasons would have been different, but the common experience that we went through was that they were not there for us the way we wanted them to be. They had their own issues and problems to deal with and maybe that’s why they were not able to accept, embrace, appreciate and celebrate us for the gifts that we are.

As a result, most of us end up developing a deep subconscious belief that we are a burden to the people around us and to the world. This toxic belief can have a negative impact on our relationships with others as well as our living experience. Instead of enjoying and capitalizing on our uniqueness, we start hiding in the shadows, afraid to reveal our true selves. We start impairing our relationship with the Higher Power, and blame ourselves and our flaws for not living a life of exuberance and magnificence.

If you’re someone who has that belief, then it’s wise to let it go.

We are not a burden to anyone. We never were, and we never will be. It’s time to decimate this corrupt mentality and fix this bug inside our brain’s operating system.

You are a gift to yourself, the people around you and the Universe. And if anything or anyone makes you feel a different way, don’t listen to them because they are wrong.

You are meant to be here and it’s your birthright to express your uniqueness, have an amazing life and attract people, circumstances and experiences that soothe, uplift and elevate you.

Enjoy and celebrate yourself because you are special and unique. And believe that you are a gift — to your friends, to your family, to humanity, to the cosmos and most importantly to yourself.