you create your own life

Sometimes we get caught up into thinking that we don’t have the power to create our own lives. We start believing that other people and circumstances control our lives and we are mere puppets following instructions. This is an illusion.

Fate does have a role in defining and sculpting our life and that’s the Higher Power choosing what’s best for us, but besides that, everything else is in our power; it’s in our control to do the best with what we’ve got.

No other person has authority or power to control our life. We need to figure out how to create and design our life on our own terms. We need to choose what aligns with us best and let go of other people’s expectations, opinions and judgments.

When we take charge of our lives and reclaim our power, we become 100% responsible for our actions. Neither we blame others for our failures nor we shy away from crediting ourselves and our talents for our success.

Ignore the naysayers and chart your own path. As Marie Forleo points out, “The world needs that special gift that only you have.”

You are your best guide because no one knows you better than yourself. Take a stand and start designing your own life and weaving the experiences that you truly want in your life. Take action now so that you don’t regret not taking it in the future when time has run out.