you decide how much alone time you need

you decide how much alone time you need

It’s easy to develop the assumption that the amount of alone time a particular person needs depends on one key question: Are they introvert (shy and reserved) or an extrovert (socially open and outgoing)?

However, it’s not that simple. There are a plethora of traits and tendencies that make each of us different and unique. And just using introversion and extroversion as two broad categories doesn’t justify the dose of alone time an individual needs. 

There’s no point in getting deeper into social psychology or any human nature books for this purpose. We humans change and evolve over time and the best way to go in this regard is to simply choose what works for you at that given moment. Like other aspects of life, why not take your own individual approach to solitude as well?

It’s natural that people from different parts of society, different geographical locations and different walks of life are going to need more or less time alone. And the best way to figure out how much alone time you need is to develop self-awareness and know yourself and what kind of things make you tick.

Ultimately, you decide how much alone time you want to enjoy. And the same applies for others as well. So, whatever the case may be, it’s best to respect each other’s decisions and not interfere when it comes to spending time in solitude.