you don’t need an excuse to be happy

Happiness is a state of mind. Contrary to the way we have been trained by the people around us, we don’t need a reason or an excuse to be happy. We can just choose to be happy. 

Often, we think of happiness as an end-goal and as a destination. But the truth is happiness does not demand some favorable outcome, some external event, achievement, some words of encouragement or appreciation, or any one particular reason. 

We must understand that happiness is not bounded by conditions. It’s analogous to the blue sky. No matter how many clouds, storms, and bolts of lightning come up, the blue sky is always present. We think that we are burdened by distractions, obligations and everyday stresses that we just cannot avoid but we fail to understand that the inner state of serenity, tranquility and happiness is always within us. We just need to acknowledge and accept it, especially when we feel distressed and overwhelmed. I suggest watching the Blue sky animation from the Headspace app as it’s a perfect representation of this metaphor. 

It’s all about tuning in to happiness. You can simply make the decision to be happy right here, right now. 

Happiness is always within our reach. You don’t have to go shopping for it in the world. And if you still want one reason to be happy no matter what you go through in your life, just be happy about the fact you’re the most sophisticated and advanced being on this planet, and that you’re alive and living in the most exciting era that the human history has ever seen. Just these simple truths are more than enough to thank for, so let go of your everyday struggles and sorrows, and instead choose to show up in the world as a happy spirit.