you must act on what you learn

It’s a sad truth that because of the current information and knowledge overload, many people are entering a sphere of confusion. They do not know whom to listen to, whose advice to take, and what habits to incorporate in their lives. That leaves us with only one solution: taking actions. No matter how many books you read, or seminars you attend, that knowledge will not be useful if you don’t implement it.

Applied knowledge is true power. Don’t be a hoarder or collector of all the books and other educational materials. Design your learning diligently. Take the action steps required and see if they are really helping you out or not. Experimentation is the golden word. A book may inspire, educate, or soothe you, but that is only temporary. The wisdom and learnings that you attain from your experiences and experiments stay for a longer time.

Your actions and periodically reviewing the results you are getting will help you immensely. As you read and learn, your actions will help you apply the lessons and strategies and give you first-hand experiences that will further deepen your learning. At the same time, those action steps will take you outside your comfort zone as well and thus strengthen your inner fortress.

If there is a step-by-step approach given, that’s great! It will get you started and the action taking will become simpler. But after that, you have to make sure that your actions are consistent and you continue to progress forward.

Here’s the bottom line: Learning from experiences and experiments always trumps learning from books and other educational materials. Have an innate bias towards taking actions rather than ingesting words and you’ll become a much knowledgeable, resourceful, and wiser person in the long run.