you must conquer these two blocks

you must conquer these two blocks

The month of September has started wrapping up and we’re already in the Fall season. Hard to believe that, right?

While it’s a good time to enjoy heavenly cups of PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte), it’s also the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of our priorities. 

Only three months left until this unforgettable year finally comes to a close, which means we’re all now in the final stretch. So, how do you want the last quarter of this year to be? What are you hoping to create, achieve and experience in this timeframe?

This is a great time to contemplate your next moves and put careful thought on how you want the rest of your fall and early winter to be. Without a crystal clear vision, you won’t be able to achieve anything meaningful. The clearer your vision is, the more driven and purposeful you’ll be and the easier it will be to make it a reality. 

But that’s not all. Even if you have a clear vision, you might still find yourself stuck and stagnant unable to move forward because of your own inner blocks. 

The two biggest blocks that we humans face as we strive to achieve our goals are our fears and our doubts. 

No one is an exception. All of us have fears and all of us go through moments of self-doubt as we work towards our BIG Goals. But we must not let them overpower us and derail us from breathing life to our vision.

Your extraordinary success lies in your own hands, never forget that!

Successful people don’t let their fears and doubts have an upper hand on them and stop them from taking meaningful actions. This is what separates them from the mediocre and the struggling. 

Rather than getting intimidated and anchored by their own fears and doubts, those who succeed acknowledge them, face them head on, and work relentlessly to resolve and dissolve them. 

James Allen once wrote, “They who have conquered fear and doubt have conquered failure.” Once you overcome these two blocks in your mind, you empower yourself to achieve anything–the sky’s the limit.