you must give before you get

you must give before you get
Photo by Joshua Lanzarini / Unsplash

The law of cause and effect is always in action. The Bible states that we reap what we sow. So, a wise move that we can all make on our parts is to use this universal law to our advantage.

The relationship between giving and receiving is never-ending and applies in all aspects of our lives. Even if you have immediate access to the most fertile soil on the planet, unless you have seeds, and unless you’re ready to take relevant action on your part, i.e., properly planting, cultivating, and nurturing those seeds, the soil will remain barren and you’ll never be able to harvest the fruits and vegetables of your liking. In a similar manner, no matter your chosen field, if you want to achieve lasting success, you must first invest an incredible amount of time, talents, and resources, before you start to expect any return on your investment.

Every meaningful endeavor demands massive action. You must always give before you get. That’s the best philosophy to perpetually stay in the game and move forward in life.

Does that mean you’ll always be rewarded for your efforts? Of course not. You might face disappointments, rejections, and setbacks along the way. But in the long haul, you’ll create for yourself a life of joy, contentment, and inner peace for sure.

As Napoleon Hill writes, “If you cheerfully do your best before asking for any compensation, you can expect a bountiful harvest of the greatest rewards life has to offer.”