you must guard your mind every day

you must guard your mind every day

“Every day, stand guard at the door of your mind.” 

— Jim Rohn

Today, thanks to technology and the Internet, and the innumerable resources available at our disposal, more and more of us are getting informed about the right nutrition for our bodies. We are all understanding the negative consequences of eating junk food, and the disciplined and dedicated ones are avoiding it as much as possible. Of course, the widely available junk food is a genuine concern, but what about the food that we feed our minds? Isn’t it our responsibility to give our minds proper nourishment as well? 

Yes, junk food is everywhere. But so are sources of “junk thoughts.” Just hop on any news channel, entertainment website, reality TV shows or go through the popular tabloids and magazines and take a close look at them. You’ll soon realize how much garbage we’re exposed to on a daily basis. It’s insane!

Of course there are nude and enticing photographs, explicit language, sexual references, and a few scenes depicting violence that are bad and we must be wary of, but an even greater danger are the hostile and aggressive attitudes that people display toward each other via their words, actions and toxic behaviors on the printed paper, online, on a stage, at an event, on a public platform, or on television broadcasts. 

Everything that we’re exposed to via our eyes and ears goes straight into our minds, gets absorbed in our consciousness and soon re-emerges in our day-to-day behavior.

Of course, we can’t just choose to leave the civilized world and go live like a hermit in some forest or cave at a mountaintop to escape the junk and filth that comes our way. It’s not a practical approach! But what we can do is become proactive about guarding our mind every single day. We must always remember that what we read, what we watch, what we hear and who we “follow” directly influences our mental states. 

So yes, while there are many damaging information and entertainment outlets scattered around us everywhere that we have no control over, we do have the freedom to choose to not fall prey to them, and instead feed our minds with positive and uplifting information, inspiration, and relevant knowledge that benefits us and our lives.