you must love yourself first

Before you work hard and work smart about expanding your influence, enhancing your performance and productivity, increasing your sales, fine-tuning your leadership, and strategizing and planning your next move, here’s what you must do first and foremost: fall in love with yourself.

Didn’t expect that, did you?

Self-love is the secret sauce to personal and professional success. When you fill yourself with love by appreciating and honoring who you truly are, only then you’ll be able to spread love into the world.

When you love yourself, you love your values, you love your gifts, you love your visions, and you love your craft. You pour your heart and soul into your work, cultivate excellence and mastery, and provide supreme service to your clients and customers. You embrace the pursuit, seek to get better every single day and design a magnificent life for yourself and your loved ones. 

Hustle and ambition without love and conscious intention are pointless. Moreover, hate and toxic motives never serve anyone; they just make things worse. 

When you hate and detest yourself, you become a source of negativity and lower the spirits of other people. But when you love and honor yourself, you become a source of hope and positivity and elevate the world.

So, make sure that you treat yourself right and take good care of yourself. Eat healthy food, exercise well, get restful sleep, drink plenty of water, develop mindfulness, expose yourself to sunlight and the green outside, do the work that aligns with your gifts, avoid negative and toxic influences, and spend time around positive and uplifting people.

Success, love, wealth, abundance, joy, peace, happiness — they all begin within. And the only way to continually nurture and compound them is to love, respect and honor yourself.