you must not use service for selfish ends

you must not use service for selfish ends
Photo by Rémi Walle / Unsplash

Many of us get tempted to use service as a means to selfish ends. When we serve, our life expands. When we give more, we get more. And through generosity, we equip ourselves to open the gateway of abundance and prosperity.

Therefore, we must constantly remind ourselves that service that is truly genuine, kind, and thoughtful, always respects both the giver and the receiver.

If we start focusing exclusively on what we’re getting by giving, our act of generosity loses its purpose, and the entire feedback loop collapses. Giving with selfish motives never serves anyone.

As Melody Beattie points out, “Service isn’t a way to manipulate God or other people into giving us what we want. Service is a value to be cherished for its own sake.”

And so, one key question you can yourself today is: Am I doing something that looks like it serves others, but in truth doing it reluctantly or half-heartedly for a selfish reason?

If you’re regularly engaging in activities with an attitude of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me), maybe it’s time to make a positive change.

A wise man once said, “I used to make every decision based on what’s in this for me. I finally learned that the less there is for me, the more there really is for me—in whatever I’m trying to do.”