you must nourish your roots

Here’s a truth that we all must understand in our lives: Our everyday choices determine the magnitude of our success. 

A great example to remember this is a tree. When the roots are well taken care of, the fruits will naturally appear over time. The sweetness, the quality and the abundance of the fruit — all these things have a direct relationship with the nourishment of the roots. In simple words, better roots, better fruits. 

Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc. and author of Choose to Win, firmly believes that like a tree, our fruitfulness largely depends on our root-fulness. He explains that if want to achieve perennial success and accomplish our big goals, we must work on the nourishment of the seven fundamental roots first:

  1. Mental
  2. Spiritual
  3. Physical 
  4. Family 
  5. Financial 
  6. Personal 
  7. Career

The secret to nourishing all these roots well is to figure out what good habits we must cultivate in order to do so. 

We are nothing but the sum of our habits. So, if we want to win in life, we must create those habits that nourish our roots, which then produce the fruits that we desire.