you must succeed on your own terms

you must succeed on your own terms

Relying on other people’s decisions and modeling our life’s path based on someone else’s thinking is not the right approach to live our best and most authentic life. It never leads to achieving success in the true sense. As Robin Sharma writes, “The greatest danger of success is that you succeed on someone else’s terms. That you do the things others say will make you happy yet fail to accomplish what fills your life and heart with grace, joy and peace.”

We spend most of our lives working hard to pursue success that doesn’t even align with us. We try measuring our success with the yardsticks of others. Our perception of success is misconstrued. We may well be successful in the eyes of other people, but deep down we know we are not satisfied with our life.

Do you feel full or is there a gaping void still inside you? If it’s the latter, aim for satisfaction, because that will help you become complete and whole. As we become more satisfied and as our work and life become meaningful and enriched, we become an instrument of service and a true embodiment of success. In other words, we get to choose how we measure success. So, don’t watch others, watch yourself. Because only you hold the key to your success and your own happiness and genius.

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