your genetics doesn’t determine your genius

We think that the geniuses that we see in this world are the lucky ones, the ones blessed with great genes and simply wired for success. This is false thinking because it makes us believe that success is all about getting lucky. Deep down we know this is not true.

Having great genetics is only one part of the equation. The superachievers that we see amongst us have not attained their position and status just because they had great genetics backing them up. For some of them, genetics actually proved to be a curse rather than a blessing. But they focused on the two main ingredients that helped them become who they are today — courage and consistency.

They knew that the odds were not in their favor, but they still kept going. The mightiness of their desire and the mission in their heads dwarfed the role of genetics.

Having genetics in your favor does make things easy in this superficial world to some extent, but ultimately it’s your decision to show up. It takes a special level of awareness to understand your personal beauty, uniqueness and the gifts that you have and how to share and capitalize on them.

Your genetics doesn’t dictate the genius within you. There is genius within every single human on this planet. But the sad truth is some are able to tap into it, some don’t.

Detach yourself from your genetics and put in the work that you need to reach your mighty goals and bring your dreams into reality. Success is all about taking aligned actions.

Success doesn’t discriminate you based on your genetics and physical attributes, such as your race, your eye color, your stature or your hair. It just appreciates your consistent actions and the fire that drives you.

There are countless people around us who have not won the genetic lottery but they have the won the hearts of people all around the world through the expression of their genius and their dedication towards their craft.

Talents and gifts that you have been given need nurturing and purpose, and that truly determines your genius. Genius is not the end-all solution, it’s a never-ending path towards mastery.  

Don’t let your genetics influence you. Strive to be an extraordinary human and craftsman and everything else will take care of itself.