your perceptions create your reality

There’s a big difference between reality and our perception of the reality. Our personal programming shapes our beliefs and our beliefs dictate the lens through which we see the world.

The Stoics teach us that we must keep a constant watch on the flood of impressions of the world around us, and the perceptions that arise with them. We need to stand guard so that we are able to protect our peace of mind, clarity and freedom as all of them are deeply rooted in our perceptions. As Epictetus instructs, “Keep constant guard over your perceptions, for it is no small thing you are protecting, but your respect, trustworthiness and steadiness, peace of mind, freedom from pain and fear, in a word your freedom. For what would you sell these things?”

Each of us, doesn’t matter where you are right now and what position you hold, is capable of achieving the extraordinary and making a significant impact on the world. This is true even if you currently believe you can’t do it because of the limits of the perception you have right now. As Marcus Aurelius writes, “…if it is humanly possible and corresponds to human nature, know that it is attainable by you as well.”

Our perception isn’t reality. It’s the filter through which we look at the world around us at this moment on our journey towards extraordinary and becoming world-class. In order for us to become truly exceptional, it’s best that we surround ourselves with others as well who know this truth. As the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer puts it, “Most people take the limits of their vision to be the limits of the world. A few do not. Join them.”

When we get aligned with this truth, we start questioning our everyday choices and decisions, and begin our journey of living an intentional and conscious life — a life where we’re awake and aware. We get in touch with our values and start aligning our actions to them. To paraphrase a key insight from the book The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma, as we develop better awareness around ourselves and why it is that we do what we do, we’ll make the better daily choices that will give us better daily results.