your thinking is the navigation system of your destiny

your thinking is the navigation system of your destiny

It’s crucial that we understand the importance of being aware of what we allow to influence our thoughts and what kind of people we surround ourselves with every day. Our dominant thoughts play a significant role in shaping our reality and determining the quality of our lives

Oftentimes, there’s a big difference between our perception of reality and the actual reality. Our personal programming shapes our beliefs and our beliefs dictate the lens through which we see the world. 

If we want to find good ideas, expand our horizons and think differently, we need to be proactive about feeding our mind. We need to continually and constantly feed our mind ideas, information and inspiration that it needs to help us achieve our most important goals. Like our body, even our mind needs a well balanced diet of nutrient-rich food — “bread for the head” as Jim Rohn referred to it. 

Each of us, doesn’t matter where you are right now and what position you hold, is capable of achieving the extraordinary and making a significant impact on the world. This is true even if you currently believe you can’t do it because of the limits of the perception you have right now. As Marcus Aurelius writes, “…if it is humanly possible and corresponds to human nature, know that it is attainable by you as well.”


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