your work is your reward

Your work is an important opportunity for you to make your highest contribution to the world. It’s not a means to get more money or fulfill your lust for material desires, but think of it as the end. It is extremely important to make this distinction in our mind.

We do our work not because it helps us get something; our work is a reward by itself. If you don’t find your work rewarding, it’s time that you seriously question your line of work and spend time contemplating and discovering what aligns better with you. 

Spending 40+ years of your life simply to earn paychecks is a lousy plan. Money is important and it gives us choices in life, it’s a fact, but don’t make it your aim. Your goal needs to be doing work that makes you feel satisfied and fulfilled, something that you find rewarding by itself. 

No matter what kind of work we do, there will always be phases of drudgery and monotony. But we need to feel a sense of certainty within us that we are truly making the most of our gifts and working towards making this world a better place with utmost honesty, integrity and sincerity.

We need to stop viewing our work as an obligation, an ordeal that we need to go through to put food on the table, get new cars and gadgets, and to “survive”. Our work is an important source of joy, something that brings meaning and purpose to our existence. 

Don’t think of your work as something you have to do, but as something that you get to do every single day. There’s no point in spending years doing work that you don’t align with, just to get a few hours of fleeting pleasure. The math doesn’t make sense. So, why not spend the prime years of your life doing work that fills your heart and stirs your soul? 

When the journey itself becomes beautiful and fun, who cares for the destination, and when and how you arrive there?