you're not different

Certain people create their own obstacles that stop them from progressing in the journey of personal development, and limit them from becoming better and more successful. They prefer to remain under the spell of their individual inertia staying where they are instead of moving forward. They come up with excuses and try to justify that they’re simply different and the rules of success don’t apply to them. I’m sure you would have heard these phrases: ‘I can’t change myself, this is who I am.”; “I am not a morning person.”; “I was born this way.”; “I am not a people person.”; “I am just bad at this.”; “My parents never taught me that.”; “This is how we behave in our culture.” These statements are nothing but excuses that keep people stuck and fuel their inertia. 

You’re not different. You’re not an exception, definitely not when it comes to living a mediocre life. If you truly want to become an exception among many, then you need to choose the path of never-ending improvement. 

It’s 100% possible for you to correct your behaviors and self-sabotaging patterns and become a better person in every respect. If others can find ways to win over their ego, restrict their arrogance, become kind and compassionate, and control their anger, you can do too. As Marcus Aurelius wrote in his personal reflections, “Just because something is hard to master, do not think it is humanly impossible, but, if a thing is humanly possible, consider it within your reach.”

No one is born a perfect human being. We all need to work on ourselves and constantly fight our inner demons so that we rise above them. We need to make investing in ourselves and our personal growth a priority. Only then, we’ll put ourselves on the path to becoming the best versions of ourselves.