a heartfelt prayer for cultivating the stoic virtue of courage

a heartfelt prayer for cultivating the stoic virtue of courage
Photo by VICKIIDO / Unsplash

Dear God,

Grant me the heart of a lion, that I may face each trial with fortitude. Let not fear cloud my judgment nor doubt cripple my resolve.

Instill in me the courage to act justly, even when the path is fraught with adversity. Let me stand tall in the face of injustice, my voice unwavering, my spirit unbroken.

May I embrace the challenges that life presents as opportunities for growth, knowing that true strength is forged in the fires of hardship.

Let me not shrink from the unknown, but rather, welcome it as an adventurer welcomes the horizon. Let me be the master of my fate, steering my ship through turbulent waters with unwavering resolve.

Empower me to live each day with integrity, guided by wisdom and driven by purpose. Let my actions be a testament to my convictions, and my words a reflection of my soul.

In the midst of darkness, may I be a beacon of hope, shining brightly with the indomitable spirit within. And in the end, may I find solace in knowing that I lived a life true to myself, guided by the noble virtue of courage.


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For those seeking to honestly grapple with life's unavoidable adversities while embodying the wisdom of the ancient Stoics, “The Virtue of Courage” provides an inspiring and eminently practical guide. Reclaim your agency, embrace the philosophy of taking the high road no matter what, and become the courageous person you are meant to be.

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