a man always stands up for his beliefs and values

a man always stands up for his beliefs and values
Photo by Drew Hays / Unsplash
“The masculine chooses a single goal and moves in that direction. Like a ship cutting through a vast ocean, the masculine decides on a course and navigates the direction: the feminine energy itself is undirected but immense, like the wind and deep currents of the ocean, ever changing, beautiful, destructive, and the source of life.” ― David Deida, The Way of the Superior Man

In the intricate dance of human relationships, the interplay between masculine and feminine energies shapes the dynamics between individuals. Masculine energy involves standing up for one's beliefs, while feminine energy thrives in the presence of masculine strength rather than weakness. It's crucial to explore how these energies interact, influencing the trust, respect, and attraction within a relationship.

Masculine energy is often associated with assertiveness and conviction. It's about standing firm in one's beliefs, not as an act of dominance, but as a demonstration of personal integrity. It mirrors the sentiment expressed by Robert Tew in these words, “Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.” Embracing masculine energy involves a certain level of independence and a willingness to uphold one's values.

It’s important to understand that feminine energy flourishes in the presence of authentic masculine strength. When a man is unsure of himself or compromises his true desires to please a woman, he risks undermining the very core of his masculine energy. Essentially, if a man stops being his confident self, he massively degrades his attractiveness and his woman starts losing interest in him.

In the context of a relationship, a delicate balance must be maintained. A man who fails to stand up for himself, especially in the presence of his partner, may inadvertently trigger a loss of respect and attraction.

Remember, authenticity and self-respect are crucial elements in fostering a healthy connection. When a man authentically embraces his masculine energy, it provides a solid foundation for the relationship. On the other hand, a woman who feels her partner's strength and sincerity is more likely to trust and appreciate his masculine core.