a simple ritual to let go and move forward

a simple ritual to let go and move forward

The holiday season is nothing but awesome. It’s rich with tradition, festivities and spending time with people close to us. While it’s great to celebrate the New Year’s Eve hosting or going to a grand party, watching the ceremonial Times Square Ball Drop, and doing all the regular end-of-year stuff, I encourage you to take back a good portion of your New Year’s Eve celebration this year and spend it on meaningful reflection and contemplation. I invite you to find a time out of your schedule to really mark the passage of this year.

Why not start a new tradition this New Year’s Eve? Now is a good time to let go of all the negativity that has affected you over the past year. And then set some new intentions for the coming year.

Step I: Reflection and Letting Go

Here is the first part of a simple ceremony that you can do alone or even with a group if your like to honor the past year as it comes to a close and let it go.

Write down all the things you need to leave behind this year: events, people, drama, heartache, disappointments, transitions, obstacles, or hardships — anything and everything that no longer serves you. Write each item on a small strip of paper. Spend time in quiet reflection as you do this.

It’s recommended that you perform this ritual in nature at a place that’s close to your heart. It can be the beach, a sacred spot in the woods, or your favorite peak or lookout. Your backyard or balcony would work fine, too. Bring a tealight candle or some sage if possible, a matchbox and a fire-safe bowl.

Give yourself time and space to spend in reflection and letting go. When you are ready, burn each strip of paper in your bowl as an offering to your own incredible future.

Step II: Setting Intentions and Moving Forward 

In the second part of this ceremony, take another piece of paper, write all your intentions or hopes for the new year.

Focus on one intention at a time – visualize it and imagine it has already happened.

How does this make you feel? 

What emotions do you experience as you see it coming alive in your mind’s eye? 

Make a mental note of them, and then, move on to the next one. 

Write down as many intentions as you want (no limit!).

Fold the piece of paper up and store it away in a safe place. Then next New Year’s Eve, open it up, go through it again, and discover how many of your intentions you have manifested in your life.

Wishing all of you a wonderful, joyous, and peaceful New Year’s Eve!