always do more than you get paid for

always do more than you get paid for
Photo by Carl Heyerdahl / Unsplash
“My father taught me to always do more than you get paid for as an investment in your future.” — Jim Rohn

Here are a few common traits among people who get promoted to the best positions in their respective organizations:

  • They have developed the discipline to go the extra mile.
  • They consistently do more than they are paid to do.
  • They are passionate about adding value to the company.
  • They do all their tasks, big and small, willingly and cheerfully.

A strong work ethic is crucial for long-term professional success. When you approach your work with a positive outlook and perform every task assigned to you with the utmost integrity and sincerity, you secure a bigger, better, and brighter future for yourself.

As Napoleon Hill quite eloquently put it, “The quality and quantity of the service you render, plus the attitude with which you render it, determine the amount of pay you get and the sort of job you hold.”

In the long haul, the benefits and perks that come your way when people recognize you as someone who is enthusiastic about their work and always gives a little extra far outweigh the efforts you put in and the pains you endure throughout.

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