choosing the right intoxication for yourself

choosing the right intoxication for yourself
Photo by Darius Bashar / Unsplash
“I’m completely drunk, all the time. Not on wine – on the Divine.”
– Sadhguru

I love this quote by Sadhguru. If you’re someone who prefers a drink or two in the evenings, maybe on the weekends for recreational purposes, how about choosing a different kind of intoxication moving forward? 

Why not de-wine yourself and detach yourself from maya, from the illusionary entanglement of the material world, and get more spiritually focused?

Either you can get drunk or high through your drug of choice and fall to a lower conscious state to feel better for a short while, and pay for the consequences that come with this fallible behavior. Or you can surrender and take refuge in the Divine Presence, and through spiritual practices get yourself into an inebriated state where you not only awaken and celebrate the sacred Awareness within and around you, but permanently unlock a state of superconsciousness that you can access anytime.

Ultimately, it’s your choice. One drunken state will diminish you, the other will elevate you. One might bring relief for a brief time, but the other will get you eternal bliss. Make sure you choose wisely!