different situations demand different roles

different situations demand different roles
Photo by Denis Oliveira / Unsplash
“In a tiny, subtle form,
You appeared before Sita.
In a giant, formidable form,
You burned Lanka.”
(Quatrain 9, Hanuman Chalisa)

This verse describes Hanuman’s ability to shrink and expand his physical form as the situation demands. He first took the form of a small non-threatening monkey before the anxious Sita. And then later, he transformed himself into a fearsome giant to burn the city of Lanka to teach a lesson to the arrogant and self-absorbed Ravan. Hanuman, therefore, is no ordinary vanara — he is an astute shapeshifter who can freely take whatever form he considers other people would best respond to.

This quatrain teaches us the significance of flexibility and versatility in handling different kinds of circumstances as we go through life. Rather than staying rigid all the time, we must learn the ability to adapt as per situational requirements.

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