focus on well-being, not disease

focus on well-being, not disease
Photo by Rachel McDermott / Unsplash
"What we think, we become."
— Buddha

Have you ever heard the saying "what you focus on expands"? This idea is central to the law of attraction. It suggests that we draw into our lives more of what we put our attention and energy towards.

When it comes to dealing with disease, conventional wisdom often says we need to fight it and battle the illness. But according to the law of attraction, focusing all your energy on fighting disease can actually make it worse. This is because putting so much focus and effort into fighting something just brings more of that very thing into your experience.

Instead, the path to eradicating disease is to shift your mind away from the disease itself. Allow your chosen doctors and treatments to do their work, but keep your own thoughts, words, and imagination centered on vibrant health and well-being.

When negative thoughts about the disease creep in, consciously turn your mind to envisioning a healthy, energetic you. Speak optimistic, positive words of healing. Let your imagination run wild picturing yourself completely restored to full vitality. In this way, you attract more wellness rather than sickness into your life.

The law of attraction suggests that what you choose to focus your energy and attention on shapes your reality. So focus on thriving health and wellbeing, and allow that to become your lived experience.

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