in praise of nature: a thanksgiving prayer

in praise of nature: a thanksgiving prayer
Photo by Ben White / Unsplash

The holiday of Thanksgiving is approaching soon, and so continuing with yesterday’s theme, here’s a Thanksgiving prayer for nature’s blessings, designed to be read on the day of celebration right before the big meal begins.

I hope it brings more magic to this auspicious occasion.

. . .

Dear Creator of All,

As we gather on this day of Thanksgiving, our hearts overflow with gratitude for the abundant gifts you have bestowed upon us. Today, we come together not only to partake in a feast of nourishment but also to feast upon the bountiful love that surrounds us in the form of nature's gifts.

We thank you for the air we breathe, a constant and unseen embrace that sustains our every breath. In the simplicity of inhaling and exhaling, we find a connection to the rhythm of life, a gift freely given that allows us to exist and thrive.

For the water that quenches our thirst and nourishes our bodies, we express deep gratitude. From the rivers that flow with gentle persistence to the rain that caresses the earth, your provision of this life-giving elixir is a testament to your unwavering care and love.

And, oh, the sun—the radiant source of warmth and light. As we bask in its golden rays, we are reminded of the energy and positivity it infuses into our lives. The sun's daily dance across the sky is a constant reminder of the beauty and grace inherent in the world you have created.

On this day of Thanksgiving, we extend our gratitude beyond the physical gifts to the profound interconnectedness we share with all of creation. In the delicate ecosystems, the intricate balance of nature, and the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us, we see reflections of your love and wisdom.

May this day be a reminder to cultivate gratitude not just today but every day, acknowledging the continuous outpouring of love from nature. As we partake in the feast before us, let it be a symbol of the abundance of love that you provide ceaselessly.

In this spirit of gratitude, we offer our thanks for the simple yet profound gifts that sustain us. May we be mindful stewards of the earth, cherishing and preserving the beauty that is an expression of your divine love.