joy is our natural state

joy is our natural state
Photo by Tyler Nix / Unsplash
“If you do not disturb the basic process of life within you, joy is a natural outcome. Joy is not an achievement; joy is your original state.” — Sadhguru

Life can get hard at times. Everything seems to be going pretty well and then, boom!... All of a sudden, we’re engulfed in chaos, commotion, and confusion. But it’s in those very times we must find solid grounding and remind ourselves that our natural state is joy. As Goldie Hawn once remarked, “We were born with the seeds of joy; It’s up to us to nurture it!”

Just think of it. When you’re in a state of joy, life seems breezy and lighter. And when you find yourself in the exact opposite state, you feel bad and life gets tougher day by day.

Never forget, you are joy. So, why not choose the natural and easy route of being joyful every day? You’ll save tons of energy that goes into generating states of negativity — stress, sadness, anxiety, panic, overwhelm, to name a few —  both within and around you.