key insights on the subconscious mind (part 3)

key insights on the subconscious mind (part 3)
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Autosuggestion Technique 1: Affirmations

  • Affirmations are statements of positivity and reflections of the life that we want to live.
  • When we keep repeating these positive affirmations on a daily basis they can be great tools to keep us aligned with our true purpose. They can be healthy ways to change our perspective and let go of our old belief system.

Autosuggestion Technique 2: Visualization

  • Images are the primary language of the subconscious mind. Nothing can influence our subconscious mind like the images that we see every day.
  • It is crucial that we distance ourselves from all the unfriendly sources and set up visualization sessions maybe once in the morning or before bed and if possible multiple times a day so that we are in tune with what we want to accomplish.
  • A vision board is a great tool to have that can help us in getting aligned every day and be in constant touch with what kind of life we want to live.
  • It's a good idea to update or create a new vision board once or twice a year keeping in mind that our goals and dreams will evolve and expand as well along with us.
  • There are different visualization techniques available that can help us in attracting success.
  • Visualization and action are intimately connected as they both engage the motor cortex. When we picture ourselves doing a particular action and keep repeating it, our brain learns the movements making our actions to become automatic as well as fine-tuned.
  • Likewise, as we expand our imagination and visualize doing things as if we are living our ideal lifestyle, our brain starts believing that elevated reality and makes it a part of our perceived existence.
  • We need to think of our desire as a done deal! Once we become a vibrational match to our desires and feel good in the moment, we get to the place of attracting what we are wanting.
  • When we tap into the power of visualization and make it a daily habit, we revolutionize the way we perceive ourselves and want to be perceived by the world taking us to a new unexplored level of success altogether.


  • Repetition is fundamental when it comes to autosuggestion.
  • The law of the subconscious mind is the law of compulsion. Doing once is not enough as it cannot change the beliefs that we have inculcated in the past.
  • We need to have a strong commitment towards affirmations and visualization and keep on doing them consistently, daily if possible. In doing so, we are able to build the necessary momentum and form new neural pathways in our brain that are so important to drive us toward success.
  • In order to influence our subconscious mind we need an immense amount of commitment and focus. By making affirmations and visualization a priority in our lives and through constant repetition, we get the leverage to change our minds and our beliefs.

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