less thinking, more action

less thinking, more action
Photo by Tai's Captures / Unsplash
“No matter who you are or what may be your lifework, you are playing checkers with TIME! It is always your next move. Move with quick DECISION and Time will favor you. Stand still and Time will wipe you off the board. You cannot always make the right move, but if you make enough moves you may take advantage of the law of averages and pile up a creditable score before the great game of LIFE is ended.”
— Napoleon Hill

Whether you like it or not, in the vast arena of life, we find ourselves constantly engaged in a formidable match against Time. As the clock ticks, each second unveils a new opportunity, a fresh chance to make a move on the checkerboard of existence. Time is the ultimate equalizer, and our decisions in every moment determine the trajectory of our journey.

Life's complexity lies in its unpredictability, much like a game of checkers. Each move we make shapes the course of events, determining whether Time will favor us or cast us aside. Just as in checkers, we must act with quick decisiveness, for hesitation can lead to stagnation. It is the relentless pursuit of progress that ensures we remain relevant and flourish in our endeavors.

History is replete with individuals who embraced this philosophy and achieved greatness by leveraging Time to their advantage. Iconic figures such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs, made numerous moves, often facing setbacks and failures. Still, their unwavering determination allowed them to rise above challenges and seize opportunities. Each move, whether right or wrong, contributed to their eventual triumphs.

As Napoleon Hill instructs, it’s wise to always keep the law of averages in mind. Big-picture thinking is key. We cannot expect every move we make to be a masterstroke, but by consistently making decisions, we accumulate experiences and learn from our mistakes. Over time, these learned lessons increase our chances of making better moves and achieving success. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better."

Indeed, life is a constant contest that presents us with a multitude of possibilities and rewards those who persevere and adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Our moves may not always be flawless and we might stumble time and again, but by embracing change, playing strategically and with determination, and taking calculated risks, we can equip ourselves to harness Time's potential to our advantage.

Long story short, our lives are a perpetual game against Time. As we navigate this cosmic checkerboard, the key lies not in perfection but in consistent action and adaptability. By moving with quick decision-making, leveraging the law of averages, and remaining flexible, we can uncover the treasures that Time has in store for us.