look for the good in everything

look for the good in everything

We can either look at our lives as a series of challenges or a series of opportunities. A series of misfortunes or a series of serendipities. 

Why look at your life as an ordeal, when you can perceive it as a beautiful gift given to you by the Creator?

Let go of complaining, it’s a waste of your precious time and energy. Instead of looking at things that are not going in your favor and brooding over them, drive your attention towards the everyday miracles that make your life awesome and worth living.

Believe that you’re incredibly fortunate, and count your blessings every day, no matter your circumstances. Never let a day go by without looking for the good, acknowledging the presence of the divine within and around you, praising the wonderful, appreciating the signs of alignment orchestrated by the Universe, and being grateful. 

Make it your lifelong commitment to finding the good in everyone and everything, and your life will take a turn for the better. The more gratitude and appreciation you express, the more miracles and “magic” you’ll bring into your life. Your journey on this planet will become nothing short of spectacular!