love God's law

love God's law
Photo by James Wheeler / Unsplash
Great peace have those who love your law,
and nothing can make them stumble. (Psalm 119:165)

In our modern, fast-paced, and highly interconnected society, the human mind is susceptible to various negative influences, including fear, anger, anxiety, stress, loneliness, and despair. Unfortunately, these detrimental mental states can have significant consequences on our physical health, potentially leading to the development of various ailments such as skin rashes, allergies, insomnia, hypertension, and indigestion.

Numerous studies have consistently demonstrated that the root of many illnesses lies in a negative state of mind. A multitude of physicians have corroborated this finding, asserting that the aforementioned health issues are often psychosomatic in nature, meaning they are either caused or exacerbated by mental instability.

It’s naive to think that we are invincible and would never go through such an experience. And so, it’s best to do all we can to maintain a healthy positive state of mind under all circumstances. After all, prevention is better than cure, right?

One foolproof way to cultivate a positive mental attitude day in and day out is to always remember these words from the 119th Psalm, verse 165: “Great peace have those who love your law.” Rather than living a stressful and chaotic life that will cause you to seek some doctor’s advice in the future, why not choose to trust the Physician above right here, right now, and start living in accordance with the guidelines that He has already set for us?

God’s law (which includes the laws of nature) is infallible. You can absolutely depend on His law for your life! And so, the only way to live a healthy and vibrant life is to assess your mental state and lifestyle habits and make necessary corrections, both within and without.

All laws designed by the Almighty are impeccable. What makes each of them beautiful is that it is not only precise, but also incredibly responsive and giving every single day, every single moment — each law wants us to experience profound joy and bliss and make the most of the present moment.

As Dr. Norman Vincent Peale explains, “When Almighty God created us, He knew we could never live as He intended without influences of serenity and beauty and healing peace surrounding us. So in order that our souls might grow great and strong, He set us in a world of great loveliness governed by natural laws. Love God’s law, then you will have within you great peace.”