manifesting wealth: the power of thought, gratitude, and creative harmony

manifesting wealth: the power of thought, gratitude, and creative harmony
Photo by Alexander Grey / Unsplash

What's your take on the initial step towards wealth? Is it diving into the stock market or launching a business?

Well, it actually begins on a more profound level—the realm of thoughts. In his landmark book The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles explains that our thoughts wield immense power. By impressing them upon the Original Substance, we can manifest the very objects of our contemplation.

Essentially, everything around us, from nature's wonders to the vast universe, stems from a thought in the Original Substance. By harnessing the power of thought and envisioning what you desire, you can bring it into existence.

However, it comes with a twist. The goal isn't just personal enrichment; it's about becoming a creator, not a competitor. The idea is to attain your desires in a manner that uplifts everyone. For example, God envisions musicians with top-notch instruments to inspire greatness in others through their music.

But it's not a simple case of wishful thinking. Alongside belief in the Original Substance, living by the Law of Gratitude is crucial. This principle asserts that the more grateful you are, the more goodness you attract.

So, if you're a skilled musician longing for a new guitar, instead of complaining, express gratitude for the one you have. Trust that, over time, the Original Substance will present you with greater opportunities and superior tools.


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