pithy insights on money management and wealth-building (part 1)

pithy insights on money management and wealth-building (part 1)
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As I read the top books on personal finance management and investing, I noticed some patterns emerging over time. When internalized, these recurring themes can be an indispensable guide for any individual on their quest to become rich and wealthy.

In this two-part essay, I have gathered all the important takeaways and listed them for your reference. I’m sure your money game will elevate and reach a new higher level quickly if you put the following principles into practice. Let’s dive into them.

  • The more you give, the more you’ll get.
  • Pay yourself first.
  • Invest in yourself. Formal education is not enough, to become a millionaire you need to become a lifelong learner.
  • Don’t work hard for money, let money work hard for you.
  • Avoid instant gratification and focus on long-term wins. Don’t give in to fear, greed, and other negative emotions, and invest consistently.
  • Paying off your credit card debt and other loans first is the best investment you can make for your future.
  • Automation will make personal finances management easier and effortless.
  • Start investing early so that both time and the magic of compound interest are on your side.
  • Develop a loving relationship with your money.
  • Strive to become an entrepreneur, not an employee if you want to become wealthy.
  • Getting rich is a slow and steady process.
  • Diversify your investments across different asset classes, countries, and currencies.
  • Take calculated risks and always protect your downside.

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