pithy insights on money management and wealth-building (part 2)

pithy insights on money management and wealth-building (part 2)
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Here are some more key takeaways for you in the realm of personal finance management and investing:

  • Build trust and credibility in your professional relationships, and always make money through honest and ethical means. Prioritize ethics over profits.
  • Get disciplined, organized, and track your expenses. Monitor your habits and avoid self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • When you accumulate debt, you rob your future self’s money, happiness, and well-being.
  • Growth and expansion is the way of nature. Hence, it is natural for you to become rich and wealthy. It’s your birthright!
  • Managing finances is an act of self-care.
  • Live a simple life and spend less than what you make.
  • Always remember: the borrower becomes a slave to the lender. Become a lender, not a borrower!
  • True wealth is not only about making money, but also about having great health and high-quality relationships.
  • Make visualization of your abundant future a daily practice. Believe before you see; manifestations take some time to gestate and come into physical reality.
  • Have a written plan and budget to make the most out of the money that comes your way.
  • Do the work that you love and fulfills your need for meaning, joy, and money.
  • When you focus on adding value to other people's lives, you attract success and wealth.

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