never place any limits on your thinking

never place any limits on your thinking

“You can’t conceive how high ‘up’ is, except for the limitations of your own mind.”

— Pat Ryan

Whenever you brainstorm, make sure you don’t put limits on any idea. Just let the ideas flow without any filter. You never know when an idea that seems craziest at the time will later prove to be the most rewarding – for yourself and others.

Here’s something to keep in mind: Your mind has infinite potential. And the only limits that can be placed on the power of your mind are those you impose on it yourself. In other words, the biggest roadblock between you and game-changing ideas and innovations in your chosen field of work is you.

Whether you’re in a brainstorming session, by yourself or with a group, simply encourage the free flow of ideas. Let the imagination run wild! Refrain from dismissing any idea as a bad or far-fetched one. Let go of all your critical and analytical tendencies. Write them all down, and then later you can go through them and pick the best ones that can be further shaped and honed for practical purposes.