one important character trait to achieve holistic success

one important character trait to achieve holistic success
Photo by Ocean Biggshott / Unsplash
“Copy the following epigram in large letters and place it where you will see it daily. ‘TELL THE WORLD WHAT YOU INTEND TO DO, BUT FIRST SHOW IT.’ This is the equivalent of saying ‘deeds, and not words, are what count most.’” ― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

In the journey of achieving success and wealth, there are certain qualities that can greatly contribute to our progress. Among them, one important trait stands out: keeping a closed mouth and open ears and eyes. This characteristic not only aids in personal growth but also paves the way for both personal and professional success.

Keeping a closed mouth refers to practicing the art of silence and restraint in our daily interactions. It involves refraining from unnecessary gossip, boasting, and impulsive reactions. This trait holds immense value for several reasons.

Firstly, staying silent allows us to listen more attentively to others. By avoiding excessive talking, we create space for understanding different perspectives, broadening our knowledge base, and gaining insights from those around us. This habit helps us build meaningful relationships, foster collaboration, and expand our horizons.

Next, a closed mouth promotes self-reflection and introspection. When we hold back our words, we give ourselves the opportunity to think before speaking. This restraint allows us to evaluate the consequences of our words and make well-informed decisions. It prevents us from uttering hasty or regrettable statements that could hinder our progress toward success.

Also, keeping quiet demonstrates respect and humility. It shows that we value the opinions of others and are willing to learn from them. By letting go of the need to constantly assert our knowledge or expertise, we let our actions, decisions, and habits do the talking. We understand that wisdom lies in appearing modest and unassuming, not in seeking attention or trying to prove ourselves.

Lastly, as we talk less and open our ears and eyes, we become more observant and perceptive. By keenly observing our environment, we are able to identify trends, spot emerging opportunities, and anticipate challenges. Being aware and alert allows us to learn from our experiences, analyze the actions of successful individuals, and apply their strategies to our own endeavors. It also enables us to notice the needs of others, which can lead to creating solutions that add value to their lives.

Therefore, no matter what ladder we’d like to climb, personal or professional, the importance of keeping a closed mouth and open ears and eyes cannot be overstated. By cultivating this character trait, we open ourselves up to endless possibilities, paving the way for a prosperous and fulfilling journey toward remarkable success.