overcoming the gravitational pull of the crowd

overcoming the gravitational pull of the crowd

Living an authentic life that aligns with your core values and your most treasured desires is not exactly a cakewalk in the modern world. It never has been!

It takes great resolve, guts, and inner strength to walk on the path less traveled. You must exert incredible power to leave the herd and go against the grain.

It’s not too different from the launch of a rocket ship. The space shuttle consumes tons of fuel during the first few minutes of its flight than it does for the remainder of its trip; the simple reason being that it has to break free from the pull of gravity. Once it is successful in doing so, it can easily glide in orbit. In a similar manner, it takes a huge amount of energy to overcome the gravitational forces of the crowd. 

But you have to do that at all costs, because that’s the only way to live more truly. Breaking away from the pull of the world is the only way to embrace and embody your personal legend, and live a life free of regrets, despair, and quiet desperation.

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