rekindling love: one woman's journey to heal her marriage

rekindling love: one woman's journey to heal her marriage
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"Love cures people - both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it."
— Karl Menninger

We've all heard stories of couples who stay together through thick and thin, letting their love conquer any problems they face. But one woman's tale of using love to revive her failing marriage is truly remarkable.

(Sidenote: I recently read this story in the book “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne, and I just had to share it with you, because I think it can be a great source of hope and optimism for people who are struggling in their long-term relationships or marriages. Even if the person you’re with may not be perfect, you can still work toward making your relationship as perfect as possible.)

This woman's husband was making their home life miserable. He constantly complained, was frequently ill, depressed, angry, and even verbally abusive towards her and their four children. She had completely fallen out of love with him and couldn't stand being around him anymore.

Then she learned about the incredible power of giving love unconditionally. She decided right then to consciously feel happier despite the ongoing marital issues. Just this simple mental shift immediately lightened the mood in their home and improved her relationships with her kids.

But she took it a step further. The woman dug out old photos from when they had first married and were so in love. Surrounding herself with these images of joyful times, she felt that original love for her husband returning. Day by day, as she gazed at the pictures, those loving feelings grew stronger and stronger.

Before long, her love for her husband became greater than ever before in their marriage. And amazingly, as her love swelled, her husband's depression, anger, and health problems all melted away. From wanting to avoid him at all costs, she now desired to be by his side constantly.

This woman's unconditional love and conscious efforts to rekindle her feelings literally transformed her husband and revived their relationship from the brink of ruin. It's an incredible testament to the healing power of love.

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There are several powerful lessons we can take away from this incredible story:

  1. Love is truly transformative. The woman's unconditional love had a profound healing effect on her husband, addressing his depression, anger issues, and even physical ailments. Love creates a nurturing environment that allows positive change to occur.
  2. Love is a choice. Despite her husband's negative behavior, the woman made a conscious choice to feel loving towards him again. Love is not just an emotion, but an intention and commitment we nurture through our thoughts and actions.
  3. Focusing on the positive amplifies love. By surrounding herself with reminders of when they were deeply in love, the woman was able to rekindle and multiply those warm feelings towards her husband. What you focus on expands.
  4. Love has incredible healing powers. This story demonstrates love's capacity to heal emotional wounds, mental anguish, interpersonal conflicts, and even physical maladies when given a chance to blossom.
  5. Never give up on love. Even though the woman had fallen completely out of love, she was able to not only rekindle it but experience more love than ever before by persisting with loving actions and thoughts.

Essentially, this story inspires the belief that through conscious loving intentions and behaviors, even the most damaged relationships can be repaired and revitalized in astonishing ways. The power of love should never be underestimated.

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