relaxation is the key to manifestation

relaxation is the key to manifestation
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"Don't resist the resistance; relax into it and watch it dissolve." — Adyashanti

Resistance arises when we feel anxious or worried about what we want, creating tension that blocks the delivery of our desires. This self-imposed barrier acts like a dam, obstructing the flow of abundance and prosperity into our lives.

Whenever you feel tense about your desires, remind yourself to relax. Live by the mantra, “Let go and let God.” Never forget: Relaxation is the key to dissolve resistance and unlock the path to manifestation.

“The key to manifesting your desires,” author and speaker Gabrielle Bernstein writes, “ is to relax into them, knowing that the universe is aligning everything perfectly for you.”

Tap into the mind-body connection and let your body loosen up your mind by becoming as fluid and relaxed as water. Whenever you sense tension within you, consciously release it and allow your body to soften and become floppy again. This relaxation creates space for clarity and ease to enter your being.

So, take it easy; take it simple. Surrender to the flow of life, focus on the present, and trust that your desires will come to you when the time is right.

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