speed bump vs. barricade

speed bump vs. barricade

As we progress forward in our everyday lives, we encounter two kinds of obstacles: speed bumps and barricades.

Speed bumps come out of nowhere. And they slow us down. They interrupt our intensity and our rhythms. Even though they are unavoidable and cause disturbance in our lives, the best way to overcome them is to move forward.

Barricades too come out of the blue and are unexpected. But unlike speed bumps, they bring our drive to an abrupt end altogether. Going further is not an option, the only strategy is to take a detour — to pivot and take a new path. 

Both speed bumps and barricades obstruct us, however, one is a temporary inconvenience while the other is a warning of a dead end. Oftentimes, we mistake a speed bump for a barricade. A temporary defeat or setback for a lasting one. And that’s why, what matters most at the end of the day is not the obstacle per se, but how we choose to see it. 

Whether you choose to slow down but still carry on or change your direction and take a detour is entirely up to you.