take charge and fight all demons

take charge and fight all demons
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Bikram Bajrangi.

Kumati nivar

Sumati ke sangi.

. . .

Mighty warrior,

Valiant and brave, strong as a thunderbolt.

Dispeller of evil thoughts,

And a forever companion of goodness and wisdom.

(Quatrain 3, Hanuman Chalisa)

. . .

Through this verse, the poet identifies Hanuman as Mahabir or Maha-vir, a mighty hero who protects against evils of all kinds; Vikram, the one who is both valiant and wise; Bajrangi or Vajra-angi, one whose body (anga) is as powerful as a thunderbolt (vajra). Hanuman embodies physical as well as mental strength. He has the power to not only vanquish the demons of the outer world such as rakshasas and asuras, but also obliterate the demons of our inner world such as anger, lust, and greed that surface repeatedly in our minds.

When Hanuman met Ram, he gained a new sense of clarity as if a veil had been lifted from his eyes. For the first time in his life, he felt a sense of purpose and direction and realized the importance of using his life force for righteous and benevolent pursuits. Hanuman had previously lost sense of all his superhuman powers in his childhood due to a curse. But once Hanuman got in alignment with his life’s spiritual purpose, he soon remembered the extraordinary powers he possessed. Grounded with humility and selflessness this time, he never let his powers corrupt him and take him down the dark path. Rather he used them to defeat formidable forces of evil and protect those that were close to him.

The poet also addresses Hanuman as the one who drives negative thoughts (kumati) away and ushers in positive thoughts (sumati). This verse is a wonderful opportunity for us to meditate on an important aspect of our human existence: Both good (Ram) and evil (Ravan) are present in each of us.

We can’t eliminate the negativity within us, it’s always there, and we have to learn to deal with it. It’s a constant fight and it’s vital that we cultivate self-mastery to lead a better, wholesome, happy, and successful life.

Like Hanuman, we too can take charge and develop incredible strength to conquer demons, both within and without. In doing so, we can elevate ourselves and inch towards becoming good (Ram), rather than dwelling in negativity and becoming evil (Ravan) in the process.

. . .

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