the eagle who found his wings

the eagle who found his wings
Photo by Mathew Schwartz / Unsplash

High on a wind-swept crag, nestled amongst ancient pines, lay an eaglet's nest. Among the three siblings, one egg tumbled down the mountain, carried by a tremor in the earth. It landed with a gentle thud in a faraway valley, on the threshold of a bustling chicken coop.

A brave old hen, her heart touched by the fragility of life, took the alien egg under her wing. When it hatched, revealing a magnificent eagle chick, the coop was filled with cluck and concern. They raised him as one of their own, teaching him to scratch for worms, dust bathe in the sun, and roost in the coop when twilight fell.

The young eagle, named Ari, loved his foster family dearly. Yet, a strange yearning tugged at his heart. He'd gaze at the vast expanse of the sky, mesmerized by the effortless dance of eagles riding thermals. One day, he confided his longing to his clucking friends. "Oh, I would love to fly like those majestic creatures!" he sighed.

But his friends, bound by the limits of their world, scoffed. "Chickens don't fly, Ari," they chirped. "Your wings are for strutting, not soaring." Ari's heart sank, the weight of their words heavy on his dreams.

Days turned into years. Ari, though skilled at chasing beetles and pecking at grain, couldn't shake the yearning for the open sky. He'd stare at the clouds, his wings twitching with a phantom memory of flight. But the voices of the chickens, their clucking doubts and ridicule, echoed in his mind, a constant reminder of his supposed limitations.

One crisp autumn morning, as Ari stood on the edge of a hill, the wind whispering secrets in his feathers, he felt a shift within. The years of doubt had not extinguished the fire in his soul, but fueled it. He closed his eyes, remembering the eagles he'd seen, the freedom etched on their wings. In that moment, he knew: he was not a chicken. He was an eagle, born with the right to soar.

He spread his wings, hesitant at first, then with a growing sense of purpose. He took a tentative step forward, then another, feeling the wind lift his feathers, carrying him towards the horizon. The whispers of the chickens faded into insignificance as he ascended, the sun warming his face, the world unfolding beneath him like a vibrant tapestry.

Ari, the eagle who found his wings, soared. Not with the grace of his ancestors, but with the tenacity of a spirit that refused to be confined. He learned to navigate the currents, to dance with the wind, to claim the sky as his rightful domain. And in his triumphant flight, he carried a message for every caged soul:

Inside you lies an eagle, yearning to break free. Listen not to the whispers of doubt, but to the wings that beat within your heart. The sky is your birthright, your journey to claim. Spread your wings, embrace the wind, and soar. Now is YOUR time.

This is not the story of a tragedy, but of a triumph. It is a reminder that even amidst doubt, the fire of our true nature burns bright. It is a call to listen to the whispers of our souls, to break free from the limitations we impose on ourselves, and to reach for the sky with the wings of our dreams.

So, if you feel a yearning tugging at your heart, a call to something beyond the ordinary, answer it. Ignore the naysayers, the chickens who would keep you grounded. Spread your wings, embrace the wind, and soar. The sky awaits.


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