the podcasts i enjoyed listening to in 2023

the podcasts i enjoyed listening to in 2023
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Podcasts are amazing, aren’t they? They’re free and bring with them tons of value in each episode. If you’re an audiophile, podcasts can be one of your biggest delights. 

I’ve found podcasts to be a great complement to audiobooks. They’re more flexible, freestyle, and personal, so you can get to know your favorite author or thought leader in a better way and learn from them more intimately. Moreover, it’s always a great pleasure and joy to listen to the people whose work I truly admire as they share their own stories –  their struggles and experiences – and give some invaluable nuggets of knowledge and wisdom that keep me inspired and motivated throughout the year.

Here’s a list of the podcasts that I loved listening to and learned a lot from in 2023:

  • The Daily Stoic
  • The Daily Mastery Podcast
  • Radio Headspace
  • DarrenDaily On-Demand
  • The Minimalists Podcast
  • Meditate with Gurudev
  • Purely Being Guided Meditations
  • Tune Into You Meditation Podcast
  • 21 Days of Abundance - Meditation Series (by Deepak Chopra)
  • The Ramsey Show Highlights
  • Coach Corey Wayne
  • The Quote of the Day Show
  • The Creative Penn Podcast
  • BAPS Better Living
  • Art of Living with Gurudev
  • The Mel Robbins Podcast

Audible Exclusive Podcasts:

  • A Guide to Stress Free Living
  • Shrimad-Bhagavad Geeta: Voice of Krishna
  • Here’s Exactly What To Do
  • Reinvent Your Life With Mel Robbins
  • VEDA 360 degrees
  • Attaining Work-Life-Mind Balance with Om Swami

To learn more about them and start listening to them right away, please go to Audible or Spotify (or your favorite podcast listening app) and type your chosen title in the Search bar. 

Enjoy your holidays, and happy listening!

PS: If you love podcasts, I’d also encourage you to listen to my short-form show, Daily Success. I’m sure you’ll find great value and invaluable information in these episodes, and they’ll help you move forward in your success journey in the coming year.


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